Project: Dreamcatcher

Audience: Upper middle grade-ish
Genre: Urban fantasy, horror
Next milestone: First draft by 30 July 2024
Status: Work in progress
Currently at: 24,000 words
Target: 60,000 words


This is the first novel I ever started. I’m about 22,000 of 60,000 words on the way.

Being the first book in a series, there’s a lot of world building happening in my head, so the writing is taking a while and it’s going to be a while still before it’s finished.

I won’t give away too much yet, other than:

  • Upper-middle grade or young adult novel (the characters are trying to act a bit older than they are, and I’m having a tough time telling them to get back in line…)
  • Urban fantasy setting with a hint of mystery and horror
  • The first in a series

In the meantime, these images all relate to Project: Dreamcatcher one way or another.

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